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“You know when you find someone with talent it's like finding a diamond.  I recently had a reading from Rebecca and find myself not only saying OMG yes that is so true, but she did the reading with compassion and sincerity.  I love the mixture of Astrology and Tarot- it certainly helps you on the correct path.  I would highly recommend Rebecca to my friends”

Jo H.  Surrey, UK

“ I contacted John after my teenage daughter was sadly diagnosed with having a lump in her breast and was booked in for an operation to remove it. In the meantime, I asked John for help, as I knew of him as a good healer. My daughter had 6 healing sessions with John and when we returned to the hospital for the operation, they were shocked to discover that the lump had shrunk in size by over 75 per cent. An operation was not required and my daughter made a full recovery. We will always be extremely grateful to John, a remarkable healer." 

Susan W.  Bristol, UK

"My Transformational Coaching sessions with Rebecca were a revelation - a true ally supporting me every step of the way with profound realisations. A very empowering experience that has impacted my life and how I feel about myself in the most positive way"

Paula T.  Taunton, UK

“My lovely cat Molly was diagnosed with a spinal cord disorder which left her struggling to move her back legs. In desperation, I contacted John to ask if there was anything he could do for her. He gave her hands on healing, and by the following day, I was overjoyed to see that Molly had much more movement in her back legs!  I cannot thank John enough and would highly recommend him."


Sarah M. Bristol,  UK

I contacted Rebecca for energy healing after a friend recommended her to me. I was feeling low in energy and mood and wanted to try something different to what I have tried before. I was able to relax on my sofa and I could see Rebecca on the screen working on my energy around her therapy table.

During the sessions, I felt waves of energy moving through me. Rebecca's genuine care and compassion was very comforting. I am feeling so much better than I have for a long time and I have more energy- I am so grateful!

 Debbie L.  London, UK

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