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Animal Reiki Healing

Image by Ingmar Larsen

Animal and Pet Reiki

My experience and passion for animal healing spans over 30 years, from channelling healing for the pets of family and friends to working alongside veterinary surgeons.

If you would like to support your beloved pet during times of upheaval and difficulties, Distance Reiki Healing is a very powerful healing modality which will facilitate that need in a gentle and caring way, making a huge difference in the well being of your beloved pet. 

Animals, like humans, may go through times of physical and emotional imbalance. Fortunately, animals are very responsive to energy healing, especially to Distance Healing which is less invasive and very comfortable and pleasant for the animal.


During Distance Healing the energy travels instantly to any place, independent of distance, once the healing connection is established. The Distance Healing Session is tailored to each animal’s needs.

Distance Reiki Healing is also compatible with other modalities and treatments as well as conventional medicine. Clearing the animals energies before and after surgery is also beneficial.

Healthy Pet -  Healthy Owner

It is very important to be aware that our pets help us through our difficulties. Our beloved dog or cat will take on our negative energies to support us in our hardship.

If you have been going through difficulties and hardships yourself, then in order to support your animal in return I recommend looking into booking the Distance Healing Session for yourself and your pet at the same time. That way the negative energy is removed from both of you and the channels between you and your beloved friend are cleared.

Single distant Reiki healing sessions are available, as well as a course of sessions over a period of time as per your preference and the animal's requirements.

Please free free to contact John for more information or to book an appointment. 

Image by Pieter van Noorden
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